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Vesta Capital

Vesta's Story

Privately held real estate investment

Vesta Capital is a privately held real estate investment firm that focuses on the acquisition and management of multifamily properties in markets with strong fundamentals. We purchase properties that offer attractive returns with modest leverage which dramatically reduces risk and allows us to weather a variety of market conditions.

Experienced Team

Vesta was founded by an experienced team of real estate managers and investors. Together, our ownership team has managed over 5000 units over the last 40 years. This experience allows us to run the day to management of all of our properties which allows us to bring operational expertise to every acquisition. Through operational efficiencies, we are able to find value-add opportunities where others aren’t.

Proven Track Record

Since forming in 2017, Vesta has purchased over 2000 units with a combined value of over $150 million. We currently are focused on the Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Little Rock markets. After analyzing deals in dozens of markets across the country, we were attracted to these markets because they offer some of the most attractive risk-adjusted returns in the country.


Marc Kulick and his management team at Vesta Realty care. They care about the properties they manage as if they owned the properties and lived there themselves. As a prior executive at Riverstone and Greystar, I would put Marc and his team against any team I’ve come in contact with over my 25-year career. Not only do they care, they understand real estate from a macro level and are not shy in speaking up when they see opportunity that can translate into real value. If you get the chance to work with Vesta, jump at it!

Justin VanLandschoot, MEd, CPM

Chief Investment Officer, ERC Companies

I worked with Marc and the team at Vesta on numerous projects and was incredibly impressed with their professionalism and focus. Their bigger picture strategy and efficiency made the financing process straightforward and a pleasure to handle.

David Eisen

Eastern Union Funding